Ways to improve your vocabulary.

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Ways to improve your vocabulary.

One forgets words as one forgets names.
One's vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die.
- Evelyn Waugh

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We often struggle around putting words into a sentence.
Doesn't matter which language we are trying to learn or master, when it comes to using words we are confused. Whether while we are writing or speaking, we fumble with our sentences and use fillers like ah, um, etc. and end up feeling helpless to express ourselves. And to become confident about it, we need to have a good hold on using correct word at the right place or situation.
It is important to know which word to use to express the situation perfectly that you are trying to explain.

Strengthening your vocabulary helps you better in communicating and expressing the facts better. It makes you confident and smart.

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Ways to improve:
* Develop a reading habit.
Reading on a regular basis make you acquainted with the vast world of literature. You get the idea of using words and it's synonyms and antonyms.
* Subscribe to the word of the day.
There are many websites and apps now a days which publish a word everyday with it's meaning and way to use it. You can subscribe to those and get notification everyday.
* Play word games.
There are many words games, like scrabbles, crossword, word search, etc. You can test yourself and learn a lot by playing those games.
* Practice using new words in your daily conversation.
* Listen the speeches given by famous and successful people.
When people give any speech, most of them are well prepared about their facts and they prepare beforehand what to say and how to say to the point of perfection. Listening to them speaking helps a lot as well.
* Use the dictionary and thesaurus.
Whenever you are in doubt about any particular word, use dictionary or thesaurus and highlight that word for future reference. Highlighting with different colors will help your brain memories it much faster.
* Watch movies and TV series with subtitles.
* Try conversing with different people and notice their ways of using words in their statements. How they express their thoughts and their choice of words to do so will help you understand the particular language much better and it will get imprinted into your brain more easily.
* Try writing everyday.
When you make a habit of writing everyday, words start flowing to you automatically. Initially you might face some problems composing your sentences but eventually you will start to use the new words that you learn everyday by reading or talking to others.
* Learn the roots of the words.
When it comes to difficult and unusual words, you can search for it's origin or how it was derived, that will help you in remembering them for a long time.


I hope you this post helps you in building you vocabulary skills. Please like and follow my page to get the future updates from my website and please write your suggestions below in the comment section to help me improve my posts.

Thank You!
Have a great day ahead.


Pratha Nayak

15 thoughts on “Ways to improve your vocabulary.

  1. these are very good tips!! When I was in high school I used to get the SAT word of the day delivered to me by collegeboard.com. But personally I find that the best way to learn new words is by reading. That way I can see how it is used and if I see it often enough then I will remember it

    1. Hey Helen,
      I agree with you, reading is the best way to improve our vocabulary. It’s great you found all other tips helpful as well. Thank you 🙂

  2. Great post! Reading and watching movies/series works like wonders when you’re trying to build your vocabulary.

  3. Dear Pratha

    The word is a tool

    with the lips
    the sound of the tongue
    only to you

    Your eyes
    according to their meaning
    full of devotion
    moist to make

    their treasure from the chest
    of the heart
    underlines what has been said
    with gestures


    take all words back into oblivion
    when “your” name shines in me
    in flesh and blood

    Reply to: – Evelyn Waugh

    Best regards

  4. I抎 need to verify with you here. Which isn’t one thing I usually do! I enjoy reading a publish that may make people think. Additionally, thanks for permitting me to comment!

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