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Welcome to TWI!

I am Pratha and by profession I am an Engineer and work in a MNC. I know that's not much of a surprise, like whats new in it right!!

Well other than that I am an Artist and writer and I love cooking as well... Whoa.... Whoa.. I know too much in one plate ...

Painting and writing is passion and eating is something I love you can say. 🙂

So let me introduce you all to Thoughts With Ink.

TWI is all about how our whole life surrounds around the way we think or how we think. I know its a bit philosophical but I feel if we can change our life by just changing the way we think then there is no harm  right. After all we all want to grow and be happy.

TWI is also about how we can make our life easier and enjoy it by obtaining a healthy life style and healthy thoughts. After all we need to do what makes us happy.

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Thank You!

Pratha Nayak

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