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How Gratitude Changes Your Mind-set?

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.
– Eckhart Tolle

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Do you feel grateful for what you have in life? Do you say Thank You to the Universe for blessing your life with all the necessities? Or do you sulk all the day long about the job you are not getting, or the promotion you are not given, or the house you are not able to buy?
Do you ever feel thankful for just being alive, healthy and safe?

Have your ever thought about the fact that, the life you are living right now with all the privilege you have, out there, somewhere there is a person who is yearning and praying to have it? And yet we are not grateful for things in our life. Do you see the irony in that!

Indulging ourselves in to gratitude changes us in an amazing way. I started this routine almost two years back. Every day in the morning I write the things I feel grateful about. And I write Thank you for everything I have. I do this on the days when I don’t feel very good as well. Even when I am sick or upset, I still note down the points that I feel I am lucky to have in life. And eventually I noticed that it changed my mind set. It helped me deal with any kind of situation or failure in a much easier way. Because I was able to think at the end of the day that, “At least my life still going on and I can still try again.” Gratitude becomes a mind set and eventually your lifestyle changes.

It is said that you attract the things that you focus the most on. So if you focus more on the negative aspect of your life, More bad things will happen, and if you will focus on the positive aspect of your life, you will attract good things. So what do you want to attract into you life?

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Gratitude helps you handle toxic emotions and thoughts-
When something bad happens in our life or we don’t get something, our immediate thought is, “Why is it happening to me?” Have you ever just thought that, it is okay, I can deal with this. Have you tried to boost your own confidence and emotions by saying positive affirmations to yourself? I agree it is not a natural response to such situations. But if you try it, you might see a change in your thought process. You will be willing to try again and feel much better in a very bad situation.

Gratitude makes you more positive in nature-
Well that goes without saying that if you practice gratitude, you will be always focusing on the positive side of every situation. It becomes a powerful part of your nature.

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Changes your perspective towards life-
Even when you have a bad day, at the end if you just think that, “Ok, I made it through the day and I am ready for tomorrow.” Can you see, how this kind of thinking will help you to make your life much easier and much less stressful.

You start to value the time you have in this world-
We never know how long we are going to live in this world and yet we take each and every day very casually. We always think of the things we “wish” to do but never actually do. Because we think we can do it tomorrow. What if that doesn’t happen? Gratitude helps you understand this fact.

You start valuing the people you have in your life-
How often do you say thank you to people who love you, for just being there in your life. We say so many things each and every day to our parents, family, friends, kids, siblings. But have you imagined your life without any of them? Can you feel the pain when you imagine that? Then say thank you to those people who love you and support you unconditionally. Say thank you to them for being there in your life.

Creates an abundance mind-set-
Once you make gratitude a part of your lifestyle, your belief in yourself and world expands in a very broader way. You start seeing good in everything and every situation. Your start seeing and exploring all kind of opportunities and avail them instantly.

Keeps you healthy, mentally as well as physically-
We often read this and get to hear that most of our problems are in our mind. Most of the people fall sick very often because they are heavily distressed. A healthy mind affects in a very good way to your physical health as well. Just think about it, how much changes you can bring into your life by just bringing these small changes in your way of thinking.

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Reduces emotional pain and improves your self-esteem-
As in the previous point I mentioned, gratitude reduces your pain, because you start focusing on good things. You start to feel lighter in mood and feel happy. And when you are happy your self esteem take a hike up the mountain.

How do you feel about yourself today? Do you feel blessed and lucky? Or do you feel unloved and dejected? Try writing down all the things that you have in life today. And do it again tomorrow and again day after tomorrow. Feel the difference in your life by just feeling grateful. As they say it, “The world is your oyster, make it beautiful.”

Gratitude looks to the Past and love to the Present; fear avarice, lust and ambition look ahead.
– C.S Lewis

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Introverted People And Their Unique Traits.

Solitude matters, and for some people, it’s the air they breathe.
– Susan Cain

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Have you ever come across with an introverted person? What was your first impression about them? Was it a pleasing experience for you?

I guess your first thought was, “What’s wrong with him/her?”

An introvert usually come across as very quiet, reserved and shy in nature. They are judged and misunderstood a lot by people around them and are often tagged with titles like Proud, Rude, Unsociable, Short tempered, Angry, Unapproachable, Aloof, etc.
But do they really deserve those titles or tags though?

There are lot of good traits of an introverted person and they struggle a lot to survive in society.

Finding alone time-
For introverts their solitude is a basic need. They are the most calm and at peace when they are alone. You can hardly ever find them complaining of getting bored or feeling lonely.

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Being invisible-
Introverts have this super-power of being invisible when they are in a group. Well not literally invisible but since they stay very quiet and prefer not to cross anyone’s path, no one notices them and they prefer it to be that way.

Good Observant and listener-
Introvert people don’t prefer to talk much but that doesn’t mean they are not interested in knowing people around. They are very keen observers by nature and they are very good listeners as well. If you somehow make an introvert person as your good friend, you are in with a friend who will listen to anything and everything you have to say. And they are very good at keeping secrets as well, which means you can rely on them and keep them in your trust worthy circle.

Introverts are souls of heavy thinkers. They over analyze and over think on each and every matter. But even though, it might make it look like a bad trait, it has it’s own pros. They don’t judge people very easily. They analyze everything from each and everyone’s point of view and make up their mind that may be the person had their own reason to do what ever they have done.

Starting a conversation is hard-
For introverted people starting a conversation is really hard. Doesn’t matter how much close and familiar they are with a person, they usually wait for the person in front of them to start a conversation. And then they just start adding comments to the topic.

Misunderstood and underestimated by people-
Just because a person stays quiet doesn’t mean they are rude or proud in nature. It just means they are not very comfortable in approaching people to talk. Just because a person always denies to go clubbing or hanging out with you, that doesn’t mean they are unsociable or unapproachable, it just means they prefer to stay in quiet places rather than going to crowed places.
Introverted people get underestimated as well by people around them just because they never showcase or project their talents. Whereas these are the people with amazing hidden talents which when projected at right time leave people speechless and surprised.

These kind of people make a loving and caring life partner or friend-
Since introverts don’t prefer to show their emotion much they silently take good care of people who are very important to them. They are very compassionate in nature and have different and silent ways of showing their love and appreciation.

They prefer quality friends-
Introverts prefer quality friends rather than quantity. They have very few people in their social circle on whom they trust completely and can rely on them. And if required they are ready to do anything for them.

They come across as good leaders-
These kind of people are very good leaders. They usually are very considerate and take good care of people who work under them and always keep observing everything quietly. They try to analyze each and every employee’s skills and talents and utilize it at the right time.

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Uncomfortable by talking about themselves-
Introverts are usually very uncomfortable in situations where they have to talk or listen to people talking about themselves. They usually becomes very conscious and anxious in such situations.

Leaving or avoiding is easier-
For them it is easier to leave or avoid situations where they have to confront someone or handle something which is difficult. They don’t like confronting their own emotions as well. They feel very uncomfortable when crowded by people. And they avoid such situation because they can’t handle hurting anyone’s feelings.

They think before they speak-
Since they talk very less, they have a good control on their thoughts and words.

Quiet people have the loudest minds.
– Stephan Hawking

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Book Review: The Bet by Anton Chekhov

Book Cover

The Bet” is a short story written by a Russian writer Anton Chekhov in 1889. It is a fiction story based on morality. Even though the story is short, Chekhov has shown what is the real beauty of life. Even though we are blessed wealthily in life, we generally take everything for granted. People don’t realize what actually matters in life for surviving. We never take in to account what the nature and society gives us on day to day basis to survive in this world.

It is an eye opening story and is definitely a must read. The story starts with a party where high level rich bankers and lawyers are socializing. And the discussion is going on whether capital punishment is worse than life imprisonment. They are debating that on one side capital punishment can be very brutal being death penalty and government shouldn’t take something that they cannot give back, on the other side life imprisonment is equally brutal as a person dies every single day being confined within a closed place with basic surviving necessities and no contact with the outer world.

When this is going on a young lawyer gets really furious saying that capital punishment is worse and for severe crime, life imprisonment is enough for redemption. At the same time a rich banker challenges the young lawyer that he would bet two millions if he could stay in solidarity imprisonment for even five year and survive. And to that the young lawyer said, if he would get two millions he can stay in solidarity for fifteen years.

And that’s when the bet starts. The young lawyer is kept in solidarity prison for fifteen years with no contact to outside. He is not allowed to hear or see anything that is going on outside. He is only given the privilege of food, books, wine and tobacco in his cell. He can ask for as many books or any kind of books he likes to read. He can get as much wine and tobacco through a small window in his room. If he completes his fifteen years then he gets two millions. 

Now the suspense is will the young lawyer be able to survive this self imprisonment solidarity or will he fail? What will the rich banker do. Because two millions is a huge amount to pay for a bet.

To know what happens ahead and who wins the bet you need to read the book. 🙂

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Published date: 14 January 1889
Author: Anton Chekhov
Page count: 73
My rating: 5/5

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