High expectations may result in destroying your happiness.

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High expectations may result in destroying your happiness.

There is no joy involved in following other's expectations of yourself.
- Miriam Toews

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Expectations- On today's date, this word itself has become quite scary. And from whom do we keep this particular emotion? From those people who are very close to our heart or from people we trust to have the ability to bring the change that we want. The irony is we never do anything for ourselves. We never even think of living up to someone else's expectations and yet we expect a lot from others.

Humans are called social animals. Why? Because we rely on others a lot. We rely on others to survive on earth. And this dependency goes to an extent where we depend on others emotionally, physically, mentally and financially as well. Being the social animals on this planet, within humans also there are a lot of variants. And the co-dependency is increasing with time. But there is always a point where we all start to have a lot of expectations from other people. Expectations that are unachievable, unfulfillable and unimaginable. But still, we have these precious expectations from those people because they are important to us and we think and want to feel important in their life as well. The definition of love, care and importance are quite different for everyone. It's like apples and oranges for a few of them. But what surprises me more is the way they represent it and showcase themselves as the biggest person on earth.

Is it just me or do you also feel that having too much expectations from your near and dear one's is spoiling their happiness as well as yours? How much pressure can someone take from your wishes? Will that person not burst out one day? What if that person breakdowns and loses emotional strength? It does happen you know. There are so many people in this world, who are suffering from this particular fear right now for not living up to terms.

It's not that we only expect from others. At times we set very high expectations from ourselves as well. And when we fail miserably to achieve those, self doubt and anxiety takes birth. In this whole charades people die.

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I often think, how many people on this planet live their life freely without having the fear of losing anything or everything they have. If we start a count, will we at least get a fair amount of numbers?

Yes, we would because slowly that generation is evolving at a very high rate where people are learning to be fearless and go for that huge leap. It's a constant reminder though that, "You are on your own." But it makes sense that freedom is worth it.

Whether it is your expectations from yourself or you having expectations from someone else or someone having high expectations from you, it might suppress your confidence. Some people do thrive being in that pressure but most people fall from the cliff.

But being social animals with brains that make big inventions and evolutions, we hardly ever understand this small thing, that is to "Live freely and let live freely". If you love and care about someone, wouldn't you want them to be happy, lively and having the best of life?

Loving and caring for someone should be with selfless emotions. Instead we impose our wishes and fears on them. It's time to accept people in our life as they are and support them to achieve their life goals.

Everyone seems to have a clear idea
of how other people should lead their lives,
but none about his or her own.
- Paulo Coelho

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Pratha Nayak

15 thoughts on “High expectations may result in destroying your happiness.

  1. Beauiful Miss pratha ,what you said is totally right ,these expectations make us to make our own war in mind and struggle with ourselves . we are trying to fight within ourselves , it hurts a lot as a result .It usually takes a long to get out of these unrealistic expectations in every part relationships,life money etc…what you say.?

    1. Hey Utkarsh,

      I completely agree with you. That is what this post is all about. It is necessary to bring this change in a very positive way into our society.

  2. This is a wonderful post! I think the only way to be happy and keep others happy is to free them from the burden of our expectations. And that’s something you have beautifully expressed.

  3. The soul
    leads us through the entanglements in everyday life
    of contempt
    the exaggeration of ourselves
    the person opposite
    the dream leads to insight
    the being as human
    balance between bad and good

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