Quote of the Week

Quote #6

Make your life a master piece,
imagine no limitations on
what you can be or have or do.
– Brian Tracy

7 thoughts on “Quote #6”

  1. Dear Pratha

    That I am allowed to exist
    is through a masterpiece
    Mother Nature is possible for me
    not according to my will
    to be more
    than that by their destiny
    serving life to others
    without wages and success

    Reply to: – Brian Tracy

    The life
    that in constant change
    Change is
    with renewed adjustment
    the insight to the doing
    and letting

    Reply to: – Mark Twain

    The life
    the world is great
    the simple
    observe and do
    is great art

    Reply to: – Zig Ziglar

    The only important thing is
    that I will shake my hand even then
    when i have to go on the dark side of life
    I don’t have to convince anyone

    Answer to: – Rupi Kaur

    Best regards

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