Stories and Poems

Guarding Angel

I was sailing in the sea of dreams in my deep slumber…..
Something touched my forehead……..
Felt like blessed with love…
someone was caressing me with love…..
I opened my eyes …….
I tried to look for him……

A shadow passed my sight…
I followed the shadow…….
But I got lost in darkness with time…..
I saw someone getting out of the dark clouds…..
Spreading sprinkles of love in the sky……
I wished to fly with him…
But I was just a human full of temptation to get in…..
I kept looking for him in the sky…..
I kept wishing for him to come back and
make me sleep…..
In the morning when I opened my eyes,
I found myself on my bed with a sparkling
stone in my hand…..
And I thought was I dreaming or is it an angel
who is guarding me back there???????????

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